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We Are Platoon DJs

We are students at KTH who DJ during our spare time. We play at several of the biggest student parties in Stockholm as well as a large number of smaller parties. Our gigs range from “Gasques” (student parties) to the after party of the Nobel Banquet.

In addition to playing music, we do a lot of DJ-related work. We collect new music, organize our music into playlists, practice our DJ-skills, go out and listen to other DJs, go to concerts, go to each other's gigs, etc. etc.

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We are looking for people who share the same interest in music and want to participate, organize and perform (DJ) at parties. You can apply by using the link located at the bottom of this page.

We receive a huge number of applications each year. Unfortunately, we cannot accept all – we simply don’t have room for everyone.

After the application period, we host interviews. There we ask you questions about who you are, what you have for past experiences and a little more.

After the interview, you will receive an answer shortly if you been accepted into the association.